Unpacking the Post-lockdown Employment Recovery of Young Women in the Global South

This paper, published in the IZA Institute of Labor Economics Discussion Paper Series, analyses the difference in short-term employment recovery between young men and women in India, Peru and Vietnam following the national lockdowns imposed in all three countries during 2020. 

The authors used a mediation model to establish whether - and to what extent - commonly suggested mechanisms are responsible for relatively slower recovery among young women and an increase in the gender employment gap. 

In line with the literature, the authors found evidence that the unequal distribution of caring responsibilities explains a meaningful proportion of the disparity in Peru and Vietnam, but a smaller share of the change in the employment gap in India. 

Contrary to the previous literature, however, we find little evidence that they type of work carried out before the pandemic explains the slower female recovery in any of the three countries.  

You can read the full article here