In India, Young Lives research is being carried out in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Andhra Pradesh was one of the first states in India to initiate the reform process for fiscal and institutional restructuring and has been the role model for several initiatives taken to eliminate poverty.

The Young Lives study sites are spread across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Our findings show that multidimensional poverty, not just monetary poverty, has decreased, but inequalities remain entrenched. Malnutrition remains high among the Young Lives children, with 40 per cent of the poorest children being stunted. Our education findings show near universal enrolment among the Younger Cohort (age 12) and that 72 per cent of the Older Cohort had completed secondary education (with 50 per cent still in education at age 19). Although fewer young people are married by age 19 than might have been expected, early marriage is still an issue for girls.

Our current Young Lives at Work programme covers quantitative data collection and research on employment, and the education and skills of the young people in our study as they grow into young adults.

Current Young Lives India research themes: