Young Lives panel data released

A panel dataset of constructed variables from Young Lives is now available to access from the UK Data Service. The dataset has been compiled to facilitate analysis of the household and child survey data across the four rounds of data collected to date. The files are combined sub-sets of selected variables from the Young Lives survey carried out in 2002 (Round 1), 2006 (Round 2), 2009 (Round 3), and 2013 (Round 4), when the Younger Cohort children were aged 1, 5, 8, and 12 years and the Older Cohort children were aged 8, 12, 15, and 19 years.

The files contain about 200 original and constructed variables, most of them comparable across the four rounds, presented in a panel format and classified in four broad groups: panel information, general characteristics, household characteristics, and child characteristics.

The data have been assigned the study number SN 7483 – Young Lives: an International Study of Childhood Poverty: Rounds 1-4 Constructed Files, 2002-2014

An accompanying Technical Note  by Bridget Azubuike and Kristine Briones is available here on our publications page. You can also read Kristine's blog on this topic.