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Young Lives is an international study of childhood poverty following the changing lives of 12,000 children in Ethiopia, India (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana), Peru and Vietnam over 15 years.

The study is unique in that it directly links the evidence-base of research to policymakers and planners, both in the study countries and internationally.

Young Lives is a collaborative research project coordinated by a team based at the University of Oxford led by Professor Jo Boyden. Our research partners in each study country represent a range of government, independent and academic institutions, alongside the international NGO Save the Children Fund.

The strength of Young Lives lies in the knowledge, expertise, skills and diversity of the international team. It draws together experts in the field of childhood poverty across a wide range of disciplines – ranging from anthropology, economics, education, health and nutrition, psychology, social policy, sociology, policy and research communication. It is the composition of the whole team that lends Young Lives its unique character and potential.

The study countries – Ethiopia, India (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana), Peru and Vietnam – were selected to reflect a wide range of cultural, political, geographical and social contexts.

Young Lives India
In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana we are following the lives of 3,000 children and young people and their families living in 20 communities in six districts  and the capital Hyderabad.

The children in the Young Lives study come from two age groups: 2,000 children born in 2001-02 (the Younger Cohort) and 1,000 children born in 1994-95 (the Older Cohort). The entire sample is a pro-poor sample. The longitudinal nature of the study provides opportunities to gain insights into transitions across various phases of childhood. In the case of the Older Cohort, the Round 4 survey (2013-14) will even provide insights into their transition into adulthood when some will become parents themselves.

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