Influencing Policy to Reduce Child Marriage in India: Reflections from Young Lives

Early marriage and FGM
Impact case study

In this latest Young Lives Insights Report, Dr Renu Singh, Young Lives India Country Director, discusses why she continues to work so passionately on addressing child marriage, how longitudinal research can influence policy change and what the potential impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic might be on levels of child marriage. Renu is in conversation with Kath Ford, who is the former Young Lives Programme Manager and now an International Development Policy Advisor. 

Renu and and Kath reflect on the following themes:

  • How mindsets are changing in relation to child marriage in India
  • The potential impact of COVID-19 on child marriage
  • Responding to political opportunities for change, and ensuring research is accessible and targeted to influence policymakers
  • The importance of understanding why child marriage occurs and measures to support vulnerable communities
  • Mitigating the risks of backlash to changes in legislation
  • Potential new legislation to increase the age of marriage to 21 for women.