New journal article: Does Teaching Quality Matter?

18 Mar 2015

This paper investigates how teaching quality impacts students’ outcomes in public and low fee charging private schools in India. Drawing on Young Lives longitudinal study, students in private schools have a significantly higher mathematics score than public schools. Across public and private schools, teachers’ characteristics such as experience, gender, content knowledge and general education qualifications do not have significant influence on students’ learning outcome. Proximity of teacher's residence to the school, teacher's professional qualification and teacher's attitude towards schools and students and teaching practices such as regular checking of books, emerge as important determinants of students’ outcomes.


  • We study teaching quality and its effect on students’ outcome in 227 public and low fee charging private schools in India.
  • Private schools have significantly higher students score.
  • Teacher characteristics (professional qualifications, residence), practices (regular checking of books) and attitude (towards school and students) are significant factors affecting student outcome.
  • Secondary/Senior secondary certificate teachers have worse student outcomes as compared to teachers with professional qualifications.
  • Policy attention towards development and management of teacher across public and private schools needs urgent attention.


India; Teaching quality; Qualifications; Beliefs; Practices; Public and low fee charging private primary schools


Renu Singh and Sudipa Sarkar (2015) 'Does Teaching Quality Matter? Students Learning Outcome Related to Teaching Quality in Public and Private Primary Schools in India', International Journal of Educational Development 41: 153-163, doi:10.1016/j.ijedudev.2015.02.009